Core fitness

NextBarre is a core fitness method that delivers a full body workout using a variety of isometric exercises tailored for women.

Currently clients can experience our responsive workout in our boutique studios, licensed gym partner location and ONLINE through our NextBarre Members Club.

The NextBarre Members Club

This online community will offer you short workout segments in as little as 4 minutes, using our 4yourCORE workout system, customized fitness plans, positive thought guidance, meditations. 

In addition, we offer all fitness instructors choreography, playlists and training tutorials through our NextBarre University membership.

Why Nextbarre

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Here are some of the benefits our NextBarre clients are experiencing:


all over body toning


a sense of well being


elevated mood levels


a drop in dress sizes


strong core muscles


Inches off their waist

Are you tired of working out? 

Do you feel like no matter what you do, you do not experience any changes in your body or overall health? Does a one-hour strenuous workout sound like something you want to skip?

We hear you.

Are you trying to fit in your workouts in between work, kids, meal planning, cooking and everything else we do as busy women?

Us too.

Are you sick of paying memberships to gyms and exercise studios you don’t attend?

Yup. We understand.

We want to help you.

We have designed an easy, quick, effective, safe solution for you.  Thirty years in the making, Diana Cole, NextBarre’s Founder, has narrowed down the most effective movements in the least amount of time. Together, NextBarre owners, Diana and Heather are here to support you through your fitness and well-being journey.

Is life wellness a priority for you?
If so, we have that too.

Each month you will have access to meditations and positive thought affirmations to help inspire you, relax you and keep you focused on what’s important in your life.

Physical health and well-being is a marriage of mind, body and spirit.  At NextBarre we are here to support you and give you the tools you need to feel stronger inside and out.

Here are a few things our clients are saying

Are you interested in a community of support and positivity?
Then you are at the right place. We are inviting you to join our NextBarre family today.

With your monthly membership you will also receive:

Access to our private Facebook group: NextBarre Family

Are you interested in goal planning and tracking? We hope you answered yes! You will receive monthly customized fitness plans to keep you focused and help you track your fitness journey.

We would like nothing more than to welcome you to the NextBarre Family.