Don’t be a part of the pack,

lead the pack.

Diana Cole and Heather Queiroz are here to train you. That’s right. We know what’s out there and we know we can offer you something unique. We cracked the code. No matter what you teach, you can be the most fresh, most compassionate and most sought-after instructor you know. We will show you how.

As a NextBarre Club Member, Diana and Heather share with you their 30+ years of experience building barre-based exercise programs for multiple brands nationwide.
As a member you will learn up-to-the-minute innovation to keep you and your clients wanting more.

“My passion is teaching fitness instructors to lead with their hearts and their joy in the safest, most influential way possible. I’ve distilled the best of what all barre classes offer and created NextBarreUniversity to help you take your class to the next level. says Cole.

“And our method is transforming bodies and lives on a daily basis,” says Heather, “I’ve witnessed, with this program, instructors go from experienced to skilled in a matter of weeks.”

The Members Club is the most effective way to stay fit in studio and at home while learning how to transform the bodies and lives of others. Additionally, we offer tips and lifestyle suggestions that you can pass on to your clients so that you become a hub of wellness for them all. In addition to online workouts, instruction and tutorials, you will be a part of a community support system to help you get all your questions answered. This is essentially a private wellness club for instructors who want to reach instructor nirvana.

Diana opened her first NextBarre location in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012, soon after Heather opened in New York. As their desire to expand by teaching the teachers grew, they knew that a brick and mortar expansion would not touch as many people as an online community could. The West coast location is now licensed as a boutique within a gym concept. The East coast location is open to clients daily and additionally serves as the east coast headquarters for filming and training.

Through the NextBarre Members Club, Diana and Heather are offering a barre inspired (no equipment required) exercise method that is both highly effective for all over body toning, but also a place where clients can feel supported in a safe community that is welcoming and life elevating.